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This unique collaborative endeavor; to utilize the latest reality capture technology to document the artifacts, buildings and campus of History San Jose, provides opportunities for private sector, non-profits and institutions of higher education to work together to solve some of today's most pressing engineering issues. The protocol for retrofitting as-built historic facilities and the use of new technologies to preserve our most prized historic treasures are vital to the continued success and expanded influence of our museums.
This blog will document the challenges and successes of this ambitious, one of a kind project.

Friday, July 17, 2015

2015 Reality Capture Technology Camp

The Historic Zanker House at History Park...
Zanker House at History Park

is the focus for this year's week long Reality Capture Technology Camp. Built in 1868, the home of William F. Zanker, his wife and eight children was originally located on Zanker Road in Alviso. The Zankers grew strawberries, asparagus and pears on their ranch.

The house was moved to History Park in 1987 and the restoration was completed in 1988. The Zanker house is home to the African American Heritage House at History Park.

This year's program will focus on the exterior and interior documentation of the historic house.
Students will start by scanning and producing a point of the the home. The students will register the point cloud data and develop a brief fly-through video of the project. Once the registration process is complete, the students will be given an opportunity to complete an independent laser scanning project. The week long program will conclude with a second more detailed digital documentation of the Zanker house. This second scanning process will include colorized laser scans.

FARO 3D Focus Scanner w/
FARO Freestyle Scanner
This year, we'll be working exclusively with FARO Technologies scanners for our summer documentation projects. The FARO 3D Focus will allow students to laser scan and texture map their work with the press of a button. 

The FARO Freestyle handheld laser scanner will be used to document some of the larger artifacts in the Collection Center. This will be my first time using the Freestyle and I am excited to see what the capabilities of this new product are and how we might be able to use it for our ongoing projects. If it is anything like FARO's other products, we are sure to be pleased.

Given last summer's documentation of the historic Santa Ana One Room Schoolhouse, it made perfect sense to document the building in closest proximity; the Zanker House. The laser scan below was taken during last summer's project. The Santa Ana Schoolhouse is located in the center of the image. The house on the far right of the image is the Zanker House. 

Last Summer's Project
The Santa Ana One Room Schoolhouse
We look forward to the project at hand and we are excited about all the wonderful possibilities. A special thank you to all of our partners and supporters; History San Jose, Matt Daly of FARO Technologies, Preservation Action Council. 

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