Virtual Design Analysis Group is a division of NVentum, LLC.

This unique collaborative endeavor; to utilize the latest reality capture technology to document the artifacts, buildings and campus of History San Jose, provides opportunities for private sector, non-profits and institutions of higher education to work together to solve some of today's most pressing engineering issues. The protocol for retrofitting as-built historic facilities and the use of new technologies to preserve our most prized historic treasures are vital to the continued success and expanded influence of our museums.
This blog will document the challenges and successes of this ambitious, one of a kind project.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Applying The Technology

Reality Capture Technology has practical applications across many fields and disciplines. Originally designed as a civil engineering tool, these technologies are used for
Air Navigation Services
Archaeological Excavations
Forensic Documentation of Accidents and Crime Scenes
Construction and Green Building Technology
Historic Preservation 
As-Built Documentation
Reverse Engineering
Urban Planning
Gaming 3D Environments
Virtual Design
Condition Monitoring/Seismic Analysis
Land Management and Reform
Orthotic/Prosthetic Design and Fabrication
Infrastructure Management

We're looking for students from 10th grade through graduate school who are interested in art, technology, engineering and design to participate in our technology camp. Registration for the Reality Capture Technology Training Center's July summer camp opens June 1st. 
Register online at

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


June 1st 
 Registration Opens for Reality Capture Technology Training Centers' Summer Technology Camp
We are currently seeking students who are interested in architecture, archaeology, construction, design, computer sciences, civil engineering, facility management, geospatial technologies, industrial engineering, photography, preservation, surveying and related technologies to participate in this summer’s digital documentation project
Register at

June 21st
Photogrammetry Training for Educators, powered by Autodesk.
(Photogrammetry is technology that allows users to create 3 Dimensional models extract measurements  from photographs) We are currently seeking educators who are interested in learning about photogrammetry from the professionals at Autodesk. The training will facilitated by Tatjana Dzambazova, Autodesk's "Technology Whisperer". Training will be from 10:00am to 3:00pm at the History Park.
In exchange for this free training opportunity we ask that educators agree to assist in facilitating a photogrammetry training course at our summer technology camp  July 14th-19th or at a future training.
The great thing about Autodesk's programs is they offer free software to educators. So, teachers who participate in the program can take these lessons back to the classroom and share this new technology with their students.
RSVP to by June 10th

July 12th
RCTTC Technology Camp Orientation/Tours of History Park and the HSJ Collection Center

July 14th-19th
Reality Capture Training: Laser Scanning/Photogrammetry
Project Documentation
Software Applications
3D Modeling