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This unique collaborative endeavor; to utilize the latest reality capture technology to document the artifacts, buildings and campus of History San Jose, provides opportunities for private sector, non-profits and institutions of higher education to work together to solve some of today's most pressing engineering issues. The protocol for retrofitting as-built historic facilities and the use of new technologies to preserve our most prized historic treasures are vital to the continued success and expanded influence of our museums.
This blog will document the challenges and successes of this ambitious, one of a kind project.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Reality Capture Technology Training Center powered by NVentum, LLC.

Coming Summer 2014...

The Reality Capture Technology Center  at History Park in San Jose
is a working laboratory, developing new procedures and processes to maximize the impact of 21st century reality capture technology. Located in Silicon Valley, the hub of modern technology, this one of a kind STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) program provides learning opportunities in emerging fields for students of various backgrounds and interest. This unique training center introduces students of all ages to the technologies that address the critical needs of modern society; from geospatial technology to green building techniques. Educating and engaging the greater community in the preservation of our local history, History Park is the ideal home for this new collaborative educational endeavor.
3D Focus Scanner

Beginning in June of 2014, the Reality Capture Technology Center will offer hands-on training in photogrammetry and forensic laser scanning for architecture, historic preservation, survey/geomatics and relevant data collection applications. Students will participate in the documentation of artifacts, historic buildings and property at History Park. In this unique program students will learn to capture data using laser scanners and import that data to FARO SCENE for manipulation and processing. This is the first program to integrate components of state of the art hardware with newly developed software in the field; our focus is on workflow.

At a time when Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics programs are needed most in our public schools, resources for students and teachers are on a dramatic decline. Working with local high schools, community colleges and universities, the Reality Capture Technology Center endeavors to fill the void of services left by the ever dwindling educational budgets at the local state and federal levels.
During our week long summer camp, participants will have an opportunity to work in teams made up of high school, community college and university students to collect data from around the park.
Student teams will process the data and preserve it for the History Museum's archives.
In the Fall of 2014, the Reality Capture technology Center will expand training opportunities to include labor organizations and other professionals in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, construction, design,  facility management, surveying, MEP coordination and BIM applications.

The Historic Peralta Adobe in Downtown San Jose
Captured with the FARO 3D Focus Laser Scanner