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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Silicon Valley's BIM Leaders

Though Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been around for some time now, many contractors have yet to fully adopt the technology.  When BIM was still in its infancy, the high cost of equipment and training, plus the lack of demand were understandable reasons for contractors to be hesitant to buy into the technology. 
Today, the cost of equipment has come down significantly, there are new training programs available for professionals and the applications for the technology continue to expand.
The Silicon Valley is home to some of the finest construction firms in the world. These firms continue to raise the bar when it comes to BIM Projects, VD&C and sustainable construction. Here are a few of the Bay Areas top BIM/VD&C contractors:
"An early leader in BIM, Blach Construction employs a wide variety of modeling tools including ArchiCAD, Revit, NavisWorks, 3Ds Max Design and Google Sketch-up. Among other benefits, BIM enables the coordination of building systems designs and installation, analysis of building efficiency and life-cycle cost and serves as a powerful constructability and estimating tool"...from Blach Construction's webpage

"We build technology- Hathaway and Dinwiddie is a leader in the use of Building Information Modeling. We use BIM, a computer based, 3D modeling and visualization process in every phase of our project delivery life-cycle. In pre-construction, Hathaway and Dinwiddie is an innovator in advancing BIM capabilities that vastly improve the project estimating and planning processes. We add value in the coordination process through our use of 3D detailing and coordination in a virtual environment, addressing clashes and mitigating conflicts before breaking ground. As we integrate BIM into the construction site, we see increases in productivity and advancement in prefabrication that have profound impacts on cost, schedule and sustainability.
Through continued development of advance construction techniques, Hathaway and Dinwiddie remains California's builder of choice and an industry leader in BIM integration technology...from the Hathaway and Dinwiddie webpage

Adding Value Through Technology- Swinerton gains a tremendous amount of knowledge about the project by first building it virtually. Not only are unclear design intent issues and design errors discovered before construction but RFI and Submittal communications become more clear with the design team through the use of Virtual Design & Construction (VD&C) models.
Communications among the various building trades become more collaborative, risk is reduce for everyone and cost become more transparent. Schedules become more attainable as "what must be done, when" becomes clear to the whole construction team.
...Since that start of our VD&C initiative in 2007, Swinerton has applied VD&C technologies on 162 projects totaling 49.9 million square feet and a combined construction value of over $11 Billion."...from the Swinerton Incorporated webpage

"Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process of constructing a 3D digital model in conjunction with or before embarking on a real-world construction project. BIM means building twice; first on the computer and then in the field. BIM has many new applications in the construction industry but its primary uses are as a means of visualization and a tool for trade coordination."...from Turner Construction webpage

"Walters and Wolf is well versed in Building Information Modeling (BIM). As an early Revit adopter (2002( and a registered member of the Autodesk Developer network, we have been producing 3D fabrication tickets and CNC programming for the last 10 years. The idea of a model-to-shop-floor solution is not possible with most current software so Walters and Wolf built proprietary programs to convert digital information from shop drawings to full 3D extrusions.
Walters and Wolf has the software and personnel to participate in the Building Information Models that are used to not only detect potential design conflicts but also build project schedules and product installation sequencing."...from the Walters and Wolf webpage.

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